MRS II System - FAQs




Why should doctors choose MRS System to treat male urinary incontinence?

Male stress urinary incontinence is due to a lack of support of the male urethra. The MRS will not only provide an extra support to the male urethra but surgeon will be able to re adjust the sling whenever needed lifetime to reach continence. No other system allows the surgeon to easily re adjust the sling urethral support level with the patient standing up and doing the efforts in order to properly adjust the system up to continence.

Prior to the intervention, visit the FDA Public Health Notification link:

Which patients are MRS II Male System candidates?

Male Remeex System may be recommended to all patients with urinary stress incontinence. The results will be lower in those patients that have been radiated.

Why a surgeon may chose to implant the MRSII?

The Male Readjustable System (MRS) is an adjustable suburethral sling that permits effective regulation of the suburethral pressure at any time during the patient’s lifetime. This possibility of control is always an advantage over any other system. Apart from being adjustable, the MRS will maintain a physiological urination, and is an excellent pressure transmission system, that means that is the only system that transmits extra support to the urethra when needed (when coughing, sneezing, lifting…)

When do I know that is necessary for patients to use MRS II Male System?

Any patient that suffers from male urinary stress incontinence may be cured by implanting and adjusting the MRS system. The MRS is adjustable, so it may be adapted to every patient. A surgeon can only adapt the sling to every patient under stress with an adjustable system like the MRS that is easily adjusted with the patient standing up and doing the efforts that drive him to incontinence.



How many days of hospitalization will the patient need?

If the surgery has no complications, the patient may return home the same day or a day after. The patient will be adjusted normally 24 hours after the intervention at doctor’s office.

How long will be the surgery?

The surgical procedure will last 45 to 60 minutes.



How does it work?

The MRS is an adjustable sling that will be tailored to every individual patient by adjusting its urethral support with the patient standing up and reproducing the efforts that drive him to incontinence. Apart from being adjustable, the MRS system is an excellent pressure transmission system, the varitensor is at the abdominal level and will advance and transmit higher urethral support when coughing, sneezing, lifting, etc..)

How will be patient’s post-surgical life? Is there waiting a hard postoperative?

Patients may have an evident but relative postoperative pain that can be treated with analgesics. If surgery has no additional complications, patients will be discharged before 24 hours after surgery.

Even the patient will be continent after the fist postoperative adjustment; incontinence may appear after some days or weeks. If this is the case, the patient may be adjusted after the first month when he is fully recovered from surgery. The patient may have a period of adaptation to the system that may require several additional readjustments to get permanent and definitive full continence.

Are there some possible post-surgical complications? How can they the treated?

All implants may have infection, rejection, or any other unexpected complication. The complication rate of the Remeex Male System is low and in line with any implantable system.

In addition the Remeex Male System is very easy to withdraw in case of rejection in comparison with other incontinence alternatives.