Uplift System FAQs




Which patients are Uplift System candidates?

All patients with anterior, posterior or vault prolapse.

When do I know that is necessary to use Uplift System?

Your doctor will decide which prolapse treatment can be more beneficial to you, depending on the prolapse level, and your physical conditions.

Why shall doctors use Uplift System for prolapse treatment?

The Uplift is placed laparoscopically. This is a minimally invasive intervention compared to transvaginal approach. Laparoscopy normally have a shorter recovery time and less mesh complications like erosions.


How does it work this easy fixation?

The Uplift is a precut mesh and a fixation system to attach the mesh to the promontory. The precut mesh and the fixation system facilitate the surgery decreasing the length of it.

How long will be the surgery?

Laparoscopy surgery is normally longer than transvaginal approach. The UPLIFT system has a nice fixation system that will shorten surgery by aprox. 30 minutes.


What are Uplift System benefits in the patient?

The UPLIFT allows performing the surgery in less time due to a precut mesh and a easy fixation system.

How many days of hospitalization will the patient need?

In a normal case patient can return home the same day or 24 hours after surgery

How many years can the Uplift system assure the result?

The polypropylene mesh will not disappear, so if the mesh is properly placed and the patient has followed the postsurgical protocol, the results may be stable long term.