The Adjustable Pelvic Floor Repair System (*)


Universal and adjustable prolapse system

Prolapse meshes are associated basically to two potential problems:

1- Short vaginas. Mesh shrinkage, causes vagina’s shortage.

2- Erosion. Due to mesh wrinkles.

The Surelift System is designed to minimize these two potential problems.

The Surelift has two anchors to fix the mesh at the sacrospinous ligament and avoid the displacement of the posterior part of the mesh during the shrinkage process, maintaining the vaginal length.

Also this mesh has four arms, that will help surgeon to adjust the position and avoid wrinkles. These arms pass through the obturator muscle and provide long term fixation.

The same mesh can be used for anterior, vault and posterior prolapse. To use the mesh for the posterior compartment, surgeon may cut the middle and anterior arms, fixating the mesh posteriorly to the sacrospinous ligament and anteriorly to the elevator anus muscles.

(*) This product is not available in the US market