The Lifetime Readjustable System

The adjustable and long term re-adjustable SUI system that can adapt to patient needs.

The  Remeex Female is a system for SUI treatment that allows a reliable adjustment and re-adjustment of the sling to the desired urethral support whenever needed during patient’s lifetime. If used properly, surgeon can provide long-term continence avoiding retention.

Remeex Female provides the surgeon, the experience of adjusting the sling urethral support with the patient in standing up position and doing the efforts that drives her to incontinence. This unique property provides the surgeon the ability to adjust the sling to the desired urethral support level, avoiding urine leakage and urine retention. 


Dynamic pressure transmission system

When coughing, laughing, etc. the patient advances the rectus abdominal muscle, advancing the Varitensor, and increasing the sling urethral support while it’s needed. This reconstructs the intra-abdominal pressure transmission system of normal continent patients. The readjustment is made while the patient is standing up and doing the efforts that drives her to incontinence.

 Lifetime readjustability

The sling adjustment is made step by step (checking continence every three turns of the manipulator). When the patient is continent we know that three turns before she was incontinent. This allows the surgeon to provide the minimum necessary urethral support for that particular patient under stress and no more, to achieve continence and avoid retention.





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