Sacrocolpopexy Adapted To Each Patient

The Laparoscopic treatment of pelvic floor organs prolapse. Provides Designed for independent anterior and posterior mesh traction (*)

Polypropylene mesh for laparoscopic prolapse repair, designed for an efficient adjustment.


Uplift is a one-piece laser pre-cutted mesh for Prolapse repair. This system has a laparoscopic anchor system to fix the mesh at the sacrum promontorium avoiding complex suturing.

Thanks to its anchoring system, the mesh is placed easily and minimizing surgical time.

The mesh is precut; surgeons may avoid manual mesh cutting. This feature means that doctor will save time during the intervention and the mesh will have no rough edges.




-The posterior side of the single sling is sutured to the elevator anus muscles. The anterior end of the sling is sutured at the anterior vaginal wall.

-The loop between the two ends will be pulled up elevating posterior part of the mesh and anchoring it to the promontory tension free to avoid constipation and then, pulling the anterior arm of the Uplift elevating and fixing it by a new anchor at the desirable level to the promontory.

-With the Uplift, surgeons can treat pelvic floor prolapse laparoscopically with less time and with independent traction of the anterior and posterior arms. 


The Anchoring device for Sacrum Promontorium Fixation

- Tipless PEEK atraumatic anchor.
- Anchor with an "X" shape for better mesh retention.
- The Applicator tip is notched to avoid anchor and mesh movements during the fixation.


 (*) This product is not available in the US market



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