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KIM® System

KIM is a Knotless Incontinence Mesh for female SUI treatmentKnotless Incontinence Mesh

KIM Knotless Incontinence Mesh. This mesh, because it's knotless (produced without any knot) is the only mesh 100% macroporus.

All meshes have knots. Knots related problems may be:

1- Knots have points where bacteria may anidate and macrophages cannot enter, so it is easier to have an infection.

2- Knots increase the thickness of the mesh and may be a potential point for friction and erosion.

KIM (Knotless Incontinence Mesh) from Neomedic is the only mesh available in the market with no knots. This patented design minimize infection and erosion risk.

This Knotless design allows the sling to be Macrorigid, Microelastic and to have Shape Memory and No Elongation.


KIM sling is 100% knotless so it is 100% macroporousThe KIM sling properties:


- Less Roughness = Less Erosion
- Less Material = Better Tissue Ingrowth
- No Microporous = Less Infection


- Better Tissue Adaptbility
- Less Erosion


- Better Traction Transmission
- No Elongation


- Avoids Deformation
- Higher Effectiveness