Which patients are KIM Male candidates?

KIM Male is a non re adjustable sling that is indicated form mild urinary incontinence patients, patients with regular or severe incontinence should be treated with a readjust able sling like the Remeex Male.

When does the doctor know that is necessary for patients to use KIM Male?

If a patient has mild incontinence that is not solved by pelvic floor exercises, a surgical implantation of the KIM Male system may be a solution for his urinary incontinence.

Why shall doctors use KIM Male for male urinary incontinence?

The KIM system is a easy low risk intervention to solve mild cases of urinary incontinence.

Does the patient needs some previous preparation?

The patient needs the standard preparation as for any surgical procedure with mesh implantation.


How long will the surgery take?

If surgery has no additional complications, it may last 30 to 45 minutes.

Is there any risk in the operation?

This surgery is not risk free like any other surgical procedure that requires an implantation of a sling.


What are KIM Male benefits?

The KIM mesh has been specially designed to support the urethra with minimal risk, the way the mesh is knitted (without knots) minimize the risk of infection and minimize the risk of erosion, maintaining an excellent support.

How many days of hospitalization will the patient need?

If the procedure has no complications, the patient may return home the same day or the following day.

How does it work?

The KIM Male sling is placed under the urethra to provide an extra to avoid or decrease urine loss.

How many years can the KIM Male assure the result?

There is no surgical technique that completely assures the result. But in normal conditions, the sling will remain in place for life, maintaining the urethral support.