The Knotless Sling (*)


Knotless Incontinence Mesh for mild Male Stress Urinary Incontinence

The KIM Male System is the only mesh 100% macroporus.


All meshes have knots. Knots related problems may be:

1) Knots have points where bacteria may nest and macrophagous cannot enter to protect us from infections.

2) Knots increase the thickness of the mesh and may be a potential point for friction and erosion.

Even with no knots, the KIM mesh is designed in such a way that keeps its shape under stress, providing a perfect urethral support. 


Check KIM System mesh structure.


This knotless design allows the sling to be Macrorigid, Microelastic and to have Shape Memory and No Elongation.



The KIM sling properties:


- Less Roughness = Less Erosion
- Less Material = Better Tissue Ingrowth
- No Microporous = Less Infection


- Better Tissue Adaptbility
- Less Erosion


- Better Traction Transmission
- No Elongation


- Avoids Deformation
- Higher Effectiveness

(*) This product is not available in the US market